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New ways to reach and treat more men who have ED

Jaspreet Singh, DO, Newburgh, New York – USA

The idea of innovation is important to me. And I think innovation happens in many ways. For me, I often think about new ways to reach and treat more men who have erectile dysfunction. The Doctor Radio Men’s Health show on Sirius XM Radio was a brand new opportunity for me to reach a large audience and not only talk about ED, but solutions like penile implants. It was also a new way for me to include my patient ambassador and have him share his experience. Even small innovation like this has a big impact. 

I am always looking for new opportunities to reach men and partners who are looking for help. Because Sirius XM has such a big audience and my segment will replay many times over, I know I will have been able to make a difference and help men advocate for themselves when it comes to penile implants.